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Reviews for "Back To Tamriel"

Well put together and very clever, well worth watching.

This is hilarious and awesome. Ohmergurd! :)

I am real fan of your work, you fulfulled the expectation and even went over to be honest. :)

Well... the whole song was just hilarious. And it actually rhymed (Most of the time) unlike most songs in this modern age. But those final 2 lines are what brought it from a 4.5 to a 5. HILARIOUS

I have been playing the heck out of the game and since I preordered it for my pc I got the awesome Imperial edition of it. Great work on the song and I can also agree that its great to be back in the vast lands of Tamriel and may the Nines watch over all of us and may we die with a sword in our hands. Agreed yeah?