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Reviews for "Back To Tamriel"

The song wasn't great, not talking about the 90's corny rap either (since I know it is placed to be ironic). Your past Elder Scrolls animations you were able to create excitement which compliments both the animation and music. I know you aren't afraid of taking risks and I usually appreciate when people do so, though it didn't work this time. Animation was great even if it wasn't your best. Your no doubt the best flash animator, and sucho kept up well.

Good song, it's just a shame that the game was crap

Every gamer nerd needs a rally song, no matter what genre of game they play. Now do one for us eroge date sim players that play the real hardcore uncensored ones.

I SAY my mud crab pet is a SIR!! mmmmm yes quite (adjusts top hat and monocle)

lol well played good sir, awsome vid xoD