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Reviews for "Back To Tamriel"

wonderful work yet again!
great drawings/character designs, epic face expressions, and hillarious situations in this nicely done cartoon of oblivion. i got the many references, like the molag bal battle, or the knight of the nine boss, the pelinal, and i enjoyed everything, and the ''character creation'' scene... hehehehe, nice.
great voice-acting as well, and great singing.

i loved this, and i expect more new stuff from you, because you are good!
keep it up, you have many skills.

ps. the ending was hillarious, i loved it.

I see sorrow in your work.

Just amazing harry, i love your animations and your starbarian series is hilarious.
2 questions though, what are you looking foward to the most in elderscrolls online.
and why did the ending include you banging a tranny elf? (still funny)

I love your songs. Keep on, or I will locate you and I will strangle you.

Really great and funny animation :) good song as well!