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Reviews for "Random Choice Picker"

So many Choices
i like it.
it was easy to get all 3 medals
keep it up

was it fun to do this game?

mrpauliepaul1 responds:

well, it's not a game.. but sure it was fun.. actually it was made to actually make a choice, afterwards i just put it online.. thanks

its not rocketscience :)

I can do all of this, and more, at random.org

I’ll attempt to offer some useful feedback. First, I suggest that you not reset the choice text when the plus and minus buttons are clicked. Doing so penalizes the user for not creating the appropriate numbers of choice fields before entering text.

You might consider adding iterations instead of a single selection. For example, which choice will accrue more selections out of 10, 100, 1000, etc. This could be slowed to display the accruing results in some type of live graphic (bar graph, pie chart, etc). It could be represented by characters (racing cars, hopping bunnies, etc) racing across the screen to a finish line, or images increasing in size (growing trees, inflating balloons, etc). Or, depending on the number of options entered, you could incorporate a bracket system, with half of the options eliminated each round. The anticipation of watching the ultimate choice, slowly being revealed, could add some excitement and anticipation.

mrpauliepaul1 responds:

Well, it started just to actually make a real-life choice. Even though half a star is a bit over the bottom, your suggestion isn't half bad.. you're rating was :)

good for intended use? yes
anykind of fun factor? sort of if you have dangerous choices
really find this being any use to me in the near future? nope!

mrpauliepaul1 responds:

I quickly counted three questions already.. using the Choice-Inator you could have narrowed it down to one! :)

It's not rocketscience :)

Those medals are a fun addition to an otherwise basic yet useful tool. I wouldn't want to rely on random occurrences for any real choices but the idea's good, could be useful for games and stuff like that, could be used instead of a dice too though there's one option too little for that. Also, with that long intro it wouldn't be practical to actually use this often, but anyway props for originality - and it does what it's supposed to. Nice work!


Why are you guys freaking out over this? The creator CLEARLY states that's it is NOT a freaking game... it's like that magic 8 ball crap :P Just fun :3 I liked it, easy way to get points, stop complaining!!

mrpauliepaul1 responds:

You've deserved all the points with honor!