Reviews for "Movies VS Reality"

I would love to do this guy's voice acting! Anyways, good simple animation with a laugh. Although I would enjoy seeing a longer one.

You need some voice actors. I think this is all very funny stuff, but it would be funnier with dialogue.

Bah! I once broke a window when trying to open it just by pressing up and in a little too hard and on the glass instead of the the pane. I didn't even STRIKE it. I just smoothly pressed on it. With maybe 50 pounds of force. My hand went right through it. No injury on that, though I've also broken a glass window with my bare hands once by punching it. That time I got 3 minor cuts. I wonder if you'll pretty much never get cut if you break it by pressing it instead of striking it, though I'm not eager to try that experiment right now, certainly not enough times to settle it. So there's a taste of reality for you. You CAN pretty easily break through a window - and whether you get cut is a matter of how you break it, and possibly luck. Reality is closer to the movies than this video implies. I'd bet there would be a very big risk of getting a VERY bad laceration from a BIG piece of glass if you jumped through it though.

That guy must have safety glass in his window for some reason.

Gone the way of the dodo and the Happy Bake Oven... through the easy-break glass...

light fare, but bravo nonetheless.