Reviews for "Free Coins!!!"


Simple fun! For a first game it's not bad at all, though a progressive increase in coins, their values etc - maybe some upgrades along the way - would really increase the playability of it. Keep it going!


Denisowator responds:

Thanks for the helpful review! :D

got 1,000,000 but didnt get medal

Denisowator responds:

That's weird, no one else seems to have a problem with it.

Try disabling ad blocker, I don't know how you can do it manually but, sometimes there is a bar that comes up at the top of the screen and on the left of it, it will say "Firefox prevented this site from opening pop-up windows" (of course, what it will say will depend on what browser your using). There will be a button "options" on it's right, click on it and click "Allow showing pop-up windows for "www.Newgrounds.com"

The other thing might just be your connection or lag in the website. When you get the medal it should show up on the list below automatically but, since I live in UK, my network is not one of the best. So what I sometimes have to do is, click on the medal that you should get, for it to display which people got it and stuff like that. Sometimes you will have to collapse and reopen your game window, or just refresh your web page.

It's definitely programed right as multiple people got it.

P.S. sorry if none of these suggestions work and if you don't get the medal.

Thank you for added the "hacked" version. I was playing on the normal version and every time I got to around 230-250k my flash would crash. At least I was able to snag the 1,000,000 coin medal before it was changed back!

Denisowator responds:

Your very welcome. :)

Very nice for a first! :) I'm working on a game inspired by it. By the way, where did you get the coin sprites?

Denisowator responds:

On Stencyl forge, just type in the search box "spinning coin". :)