Reviews for "Free Coins!!!"

I turn off my headphones and ... I still hear the noise :D


I can run borderlands 2 on this computer on full graphics for everything and keep the framerate well above 80, no lag either, but somehow this game crashes shockwave flash..... then that fucks up my youtube. how does dis make senses?

Nice game.

May I point out, that this game is only about waiting? You cant influence how much money you get besides getting everything which is onscreen.

Let me explain: After 16min you got coins worth 1.000.000 on the screen. After a little hopping you should have every medal. Why that? Cause you get 1000 Coins / s plus 1 Coin / half second = 2 Coins / s = 1002 Coins / s. Now we got our 1.000.000 divide it by 1.002 and 60s and voila = 16 min.

Well ... okay ... I just noticed, as I wrote this review, that my Flashplayer broke down from so many items ... (What I try to say: limit the amount of Items to 100 onscreen, so that you are motivated to clear the screen to get more. Upgrades would be good, too. Moving left / right is very unusual. You jump faster than you can run).

It's kind of pointless...
Also, headphone-wearers, be warned.

Haha this was a really fun game! I had a problem with getting the 1m Medal too but I just doubled clicked the icon & it took me to the page where it shows who won the medal, etc & I just pressed "back" at the top & I suddenly had the medal ^_^

Denisowator responds:

:D yeah that may usually happen with medals.

Thanks for the review and playing the game. :)