Reviews for "ROWL fantasy hentai"

Was hoping for threesome v.v

She just met him and she loves him? Not to mention her boyfriend just stands at the door creeping the whole time lol what?!

vlad-teps so you too know of the parasite?


i hope you read this pinoytoons because that was awesome, if i had to add or change stuff these are my thoughts, apology if it sounds too graphic:

1. more kissing, tongue sucking 2. boob sucking 3. ball sucking 4. needs a scene where she faces forward and rides him 5. could've used more slapping effects to create sex sounds 6. redo xray scene, use the same sfx for the cumming so you can see it spur inside the womb

pinoytoons responds:

that would be great . but this one is a comission . i have a limited space for creativity . i'll see what i can do in my next projects . tnx for the review tho :)