Reviews for "Just an Ordinary DayZ"

Killed by a random shovel in the head. classic start of the game.
unconscious from a... rotten.. orange? Nice!
First weapon, a crowbar. after searching for so long... and then you get mugged.
At least you're not dead... kind of the same anyway.
all it's missing... is... being chased by a bus/the bus ride.

Can't wait for your next animation!


Heh, very clever. I like the amount of small jokes just kinda slipped in there for those who are paying attention. Great flash overall.

Haha So true. Exe... Exejfdk... Exenbum... That must be it.

this is the second cartoon I've seen now that carries the same theme; that dayz players are dicks.
makes me not want to play that game at all.
I liked both cartoons tho.