Reviews for "Just an Ordinary DayZ"

This is the second DayZ animation I've seen today, and I must say that they make me want to play it even more :D
This was well made and fun to watch, so hopefully you make more down the road.
Keep up the good work!

A fantastic job as always Sam. Love the accent. Well written and fun. :)

Well made, I love the animation style. However, the humor is lacking.

SamGreen responds:

Working on it! :P Thanks for the review brah.

While I have never played DayZ in my entire life of gaming, I bet this is pretty darn close to what the game is like.

The animation was gorgeous, clean, and all-around lovely to look at. Hey....I just realized something while writing this...Aussies animators on the internet, I have found, are really good animators. Like, damn good. For example: Rubber Ross, Sam Green, and Michael Cusack are all really fantastic at animating, moreso than most American animators out there.

Oh, and the music was typical NewGrounds music, but Sam & RionHunter managed to make this NewGrounds music work here.

And there are barely any memes here! In Sam's Minecraft and other cartoons, he used internet memes to compensate with his lack of humorous punch, which is NOT how you make a cartoons funny. But here, this was, I believe written by RionHunter, who seems to have a much better grasp of humor than Sam, and the jokes went really well here. I also found the orange joke to be pretty damn funny. Good work on that front, RionHunter.

And all I have to say about the voice-acting is: 'Dat Austrailian accent.

I really enjoyed this 'toon, and I did not expect to actually enjoy this. Thanks, guys for making a damn good cartoon that was worth my time!

Oh, and you guys should totally team up to make cartoons together. RionHunter could be the ideasman and writer, while Sam Green could be the animator. Together, these two would be practically unstoppable!! Good day ~ Retro

SamGreen responds:

Actually I wrote and animated everything within a week or so. I had Rion draw up the backgrounds at late notice. Though I do appreciate the honesty more than you think and I believe there's a compliment in there because of it. :)

The problem with Animation is the trial error period especially in writing can be quite difficult. Break away from memes like you said is tricky and it's hard to 'BE FUNNY' as sometimes I feela joke is too risky or my timing and idea of the joke is probably off or too basic/lame. rofl

I'd like to say I'm a funny person, though I like to joke from situation in real life and it's hard to convert to animation, but with this review it does appear I'm getting better. I wouldn't say this is my best though I'm happy to say it's a step up for bigger and better things.

Also being able to do this within a week when most animations take around a month and the art style still isn't lacking too much I thoroughly appreciate. :)

Cheers for the review mate,

At least he got his orange back =P