Reviews for "Just an Ordinary DayZ"

My understanding of DayZ and games similar is that it's an experience you should definitely partake in if you're particularly interested in further decreasing your own love, or more specifically, your WILL to love the society around you.

Thumbs up, would gladly heed the warning again.

Constructively speaking on the animation...

What dare would I say to the great Sam Green, other than to beg to do voice work for him? But even such groveling would be in vain, as he's clearly got those ducks alllllll in a row.

Based on a true story....

Killed by a random shovel in the head. classic start of the game.
unconscious from a... rotten.. orange? Nice!
First weapon, a crowbar. after searching for so long... and then you get mugged.
At least you're not dead... kind of the same anyway.
all it's missing... is... being chased by a bus/the bus ride.

Can't wait for your next animation!

True Story.

But I thought he ate the orange already! This was hilarious, that overblown rainbow throwin', the venturing to foreign places in quest for a crowbar... I do wonder how much of this is parody! Gotta play that game some time.... great animation; voice acting; idea. Keep it going!