Reviews for "Just an Ordinary DayZ"

I was going to play DayZ...not any more! :D

Ordinary DayZ? Come on bro, this is obviously based on the STANDALONE. Which is shit. Get the arma 2 mod it's 10 times better.

However this was indeed a good spin-off about what DayZ SA is. The small details about douchebags with clownmasks and motor cycle helmets, to the secret case were the hell the weapons are. (hint: search military barracks/tents.) The handcuffing part is the main thing they like to do now too. But that said, what the hell CAN you do in SA? Nothing! No zombies, no cars, no airplanes, no weapon arsenals, no boats, no house-building, no NOTHING! I don't really blame those ''douchebags bandits'' anymore, hell! I was friendly most of the times but got bored out and started to bandit too! Well I used to, no im back on the mod and mod only. SA is crap. Seriously. Needs to be updated and patch a million times, but yep money-whores these days. God, how I hate the game industry sometimes. Thanks for the spoof, laughed some and we need more dayZ flash.

Cheers mate.

dat brow

Yeah, this about sums it up.
Hint, go play the mod Breaking Point for ARMA 3. It's kinda like DayZ, but better and less players are assholes, and it's easier to identify the assholes.

this is the second cartoon I've seen now that carries the same theme; that dayz players are dicks.
makes me not want to play that game at all.
I liked both cartoons tho.