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Reviews for "The Ballad of Julio"

This was awesome! Animation quality's on a real professional level, the voice actings good, musics good, sound quality's great, the plot's simple though some scenes are surprisingly brutal. I wasn't expecting he'd actually (or succeed when he tried to) eat up them sausages, or that they'd still be alive... or maybe this is all metaphoric for how food = energy. :/ Either way it was a great watch, entertaining and visually flawless. Keep it going!


It was pretty funny and well done, also anybody saying that the sound when they are inside the man's stomach should be louder, it's supposed to be how they sound to the outsider which is obviusly not as loud as when they are outside.

Nicely done, and had a funny but true ring to it. It sounds like you had a lot of fun with sound editing for distance effects, though normally I like more variety in it all you did a great job.

yeah, good animation, good personnage, good decord and pretty fun endding, just when he wake up the sound need more energy ! but good job