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Reviews for "The Ballad of Julio"

The quality of this animation is off the charts, it should be in the movies grabbing awards. :D

this was fuuny i didnt expect him to eat the bean but use them to money for him in stead and it was anition with high quilty alsome

This is hilarious! You can see he wasn't too happy to eat the baby bean, but come on he's a starving man... anyways, the quality is great, and the expressions, on both the man and beans. The ending, and special ending, are also both hilarious!

A great quality video; wonderful animation, great sound, and a good story. And, by the way, kind of freaking adorable. It's unfortunate that something of this quality isn't seen on newgrounds more often. You guys did an awesome job!

A quality that I've never seen on newgrounds before. I'm sad it takes so long to make stuff like this because I just want to see more.