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Reviews for "The Ballad of Julio"

Beautiful graphic. Clearly done by a professional. Nice story but wonder what comes out after.

the animation looks really professional, I really enjoyed it and watched it several times. the level of detail and how vivid the character look is awe-inspiring. the story was simple and funny, keep on the good work, if you don't already plan it, because you probably study something related to 3D animation. btw I'd be interested which software was used to create this.

Alexspeedart responds:

Thanks ElHoms,

We used Autodesk Maya/ Zbrush and Mudbox for the 3D and Photoshop for Texturing!

So THOSE are the beans Taco Bell use that make me feel that way 2 hours later!

Fun AND catchy, well done sir.

Yeah!, the ballad of me! also wow!. I liked many things about this animation, but the best for me was the lighting and composition, with just that first shot you got me saying: yes, this is high quality. It was beautiful.