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Reviews for "Police Cops"

Lol, brings me back to my childhood with the Dragonball/Sailor Moon-like antics... Too bad that you're on to other things, this was a fun little 6-minute nostalgia trip...

really good fighting scenes

It was great, i really enjoyed this submission. The music, the characters, the animation, the flow, and the style just all worked good together. I don't have any ideas on how to improve this, so i'll leave that to you. Good work and keep up the amazing work.

Loved it and I'm actually hoping this will turn into its own series

Dear Heaven! I didn't expect it to be this funny! XD

The animation was alright, in fact it was perfect for comedy story, and totally went with all the epicness and crazyness.

The story was well made and not too serious, you manage to make everything here so funny, especially with all kind of people, event, and all the cute yet funny reactions.

I like how your mix the 3D from Miku Miku Dance with a normal 2D animations, it was well done.

A 5 star for a good movie and a 5 star for entertain me so much! ^^