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Reviews for "Police Cops"

For a while on the road at the start of the chase - the cars didn't seem to be moving at all, lack of motion in the road itself. Err or intentionally emulated effect for some unknown reason? I like the colorful style of graphics, it's like oldskool anime shows, and the characters all stereotypes of groovy unnamable classics. Great voice acting (specially that criminal boss lmao), slicka nimation and plenty of random action. Will there be some kind of Crook Criminals sequel cooking? Keep it going!


Kel-chan responds:

Crook Criminals...sounds pretty good

Bandit Burglars maybe? hmm...

Pretty good movie guys! I couldn't make sense of it at times but it's funny and I agree that its got it's own unique flair that sets it from the rest. See you front page.

SICK. We should do more of this.

You went for a plethora of ambitious stuff with this, and I think it really paid off in making this feel like more than "just another".

Your response to Wooley made me crack up. More PiperAnn is never a bad thing, but you'll have to find a different man than this one here to shit talk ATheatricalSongbird, especially since I thought she was great on Gina.

Kel-chan responds:

Nah It was more than, that I did wrong by Piper and I kinda messed up big time. I have to make sure I communicate with all of you voice actors more so things don't get squirrely.

I might make a sequel or just keep experimenting with other projects but I have a ton of other projects to catch up on.

Thanks for your hep

This sorta reminded me of Naruto...Anyway Awesome.

Kel-chan responds:

Naruto? thats a new one lol

I can see you like Lupin the 3rd, and Panty, Stocking, With Garterbelt.
And possibly K-on? because the mafia boss looked like someone out of K-on.