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Reviews for "Police Cops"

pretty cool but it can have a better animation XD but it's funny XD and I like it

I think you perfectly captured just about every crime-fighting related cliche in every anime I have ever watched.

Okay, the animation was basically perfect, even the 3d portion, though there was an awkward transition as far as the shading and shadowing was concerned. Seriously, this is one of the best animations I've seen on newgrounds.

The acting was pretty okay! The voice actors did the best they could with what was, frankly, a terrible script.

The jokes... don't. The story is nonsensical, but not in a way that makes it funny. The story isn't bad or cheesy enough to go back up and become so bad it's awesome.

It's not even bad enough that you can get a hate-on for it, which would have at least made me feel... something.

The story was just boring. Whoever your writer is has a lot of work to do.

3.5 stars just for the strength of the animation, which was exceptional for newgrounds.

while this would make for a great parody, it didn't really made it as an actual show (too much 3D)

i'm surprised i enjoyed this as much as i did! i found it to be very entertaining with good/goofy humor and animation for the most part. though the animation did seem like it could use a bit of polishing at some points (but that may have been intentional). and the music fits perfectly. though i guess it's an anime parody, it stands out from most of the others i've seen. plus i love the adventure bros. reference at the end.