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Reviews for "Police Cops"

That's a lot of tracing.

MMD I believe? Along with several other animes. Isn't to say that it wasn't good or anything. Was good watching. Others have mentioned it, but you'll definitely want to pick up the pace, make cuts by a few seconds here and there, and work on some consistency (both in pace and animation quality).

I noticed an FLCL animation in the beginning and blam! Great job!

The animation was amazing, the whole thing was quirky as heck, (I really like Miss Nutz!) the voice acting was nice, and I want a sequel now.

very good animation, I mean like, it's awesome, I feel guilty for complaining about 2 things, that wind up the dress scene in the train station at the start was a bit of a cliche, also the volumes went from very high to "I can't hear it", I was constantly changing the volume, might want to look into that

Kel-chan responds:

at the start I originally didnt have anything for the narration so i had to fill something like 10 seconds so I thought of the most common anime trope thing I could =D

I really, really liked the animation in this video.
I think you excellently captured anime expressions and mannerisms throughout the entire video, and the lines and color choices were all sharp and well thought out.

I also liked the characters themselves, even if the voice acting wasn't desirable enough at some points for me. I think the script could have used less forced gags, but overall it wasn't that bad. The character, Vance, reminded me a lot of Lupid the 3rd so that was pleasant to see.

Overall, I could enjoy more videos involving these characters and this setting, and I look forward to future works!