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Reviews for "surge sealer zenron"

Why did I think I had a chance to win?

AntonFalk responds:

because you do, because you have a passion for art, and because your design is awesome! dont give up!

wow, realy nice! It would be (I think) better if you made it by hand (whithout PC or graphic tablet) ^^ but realy nice drawing by the way ;)

AntonFalk responds:

may i ask why? :P it is made by hand, i just apply the colours with a wacom pen. im neither using 3d or photobashing. i dont see how making it by hand would be any different except it would cost more money in materials and take a lot more time.

Rip Chances of winning xD, good luck :)

AntonFalk responds:

you have more than a chance man! your design is super unique and well executed, good luck to you aswell!<3

OMG This absolutely amazing

I thought my submission Beginners was okay then I looked at what had already been submitted and I was just gobsmacked
also, I love how you made it seem so badass but be it a cute comic style amazing, I think you will win
great job

AntonFalk responds:

thanks man, means a lot <3 why havent you posted yours? im sure its awesome! if you want tips and tricks be sure to message me, i would be more than happy to help you out dude

Great work!! The best thing I liked about it was the face and the story behind it!! Good job..