Reviews for "A Dayz Experience"


Looks like a bad game since everyone murders each other. People pretend to be your friend only to murder you.

Pretty good animation, the audio was really quiet for me and a bit unsynced. Funny though!

Haha so true.
Day1: I'm gonna be a Hero!
Day15: There has to be someone friendly somewhere?
Day 30: Fuck it, I'm gonna be a bandit!

I have 106 hours on it myself and the first 20 hours were Hell. Since the updates with more zombies, items and weapons this doesn't happen as much as it did when it was first released, it still happens though but you're more likely to be held up then shot.

I've heard great things about DayZ and seen some entertaining vids as well.
All which make this parody all the funnier, well done!
I might just have to check it out and spend way too much time playing it and getting frustrated XD
Keep up the good work!