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Reviews for "The Blind Swordsman"

this game is legit. just comes to show you, simple is the best

God, this game is immersive as hell. And that's saying something, considering there's no graphics (aside from the cutscenes)! Brilliant idea and execution, though I would say the learning curve is a bit steep at first; dunno how I would correct that though.

As a suggestion, I would put a disclaimer saying this game is pointless for deaf people, or anyone playing without sound. Granted, the title of the game really should suggest that, but I think not everyone would know what to expect when first playing it. Also I would note that you need to make sure your left and right speakers aren't reversed, or that you're not using mono sound.

p.s. your voice actors are freaking epic. and your swordsman looks and sounds like Liam Neeson lol.

Fantastic concept! I've been wondering how could someone make a video game a blind person could actually play, never mind enjoy... You've nailed it! Congrats to the team, voice acting is excellent as well. :-)

This game tests my skills and wits, so I like it.

Best game ever would fuck again AND.....something :(