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Reviews for "The Blind Swordsman"

I only won cause i was using headphones LMAOI!!!

ok. its one of the hardest games ive ever played and maybe one of the most sickness. i liked it but i give up in the final stage.

it surely needs more explanations in the game. it needs to die over and over and over to get the trick of a stage. the timing is very hard, so you need to memorize the timing. if u dont, it will be impossible to pass a level.

so, the game depends on 2 things. timing and concentration. i think, concentration should be more important than the timing. because with experience, you can improve your timing. i mean, at the beginning of the game, timing is too hard to get immediately. doing blocking or attacking easier and maybe more shorter and easier levels at the beginning would be better. especially, at the first 2 levels. a lot of people will play this and they will say "pff shit, wtf is that game" and they will go away. this will make the game underrated.

for the final stage, its too confusing, a lot of voice i hear and i only got blocking. i need to die a lot of times to get when i attack. its hard to understand the final stage for me. for someone, it will be hard to understand the first stage maybe. its frustrating when there is no explanations.

I didn't know this was actually going to be a game where you played blind, literally. I guess I did like how it was quite different. Of course, I'd have to look at a good tutorial to really get the hang of it. The cutscenes probably would have helped me. It's hard to be motivated to watch them, when there are no medals for this game. I can see why the high scores seem to be so low.

Wait, what this an April Fool's Day joke? Nah, it's too serious for that. It really is quite a unique game. I do recommend this, if you can look past how weird it is. The music's pretty good, too.

Evil-Dog responds:

Medals are coming...but I have to say, you have to be quite the medal whore to only be motivated to play a game or watch cutscenes only if there are medal-carots at the end of the stick, that's just troubling. What happened to just playing games cause they're fun?

any tips?

I like it but you need to be very patient. I got to the bitch with the knives.