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Reviews for "The Blind Swordsman"

This makes me think of an experimental game a while back involving a blind person in a zombie apcolypse (I think), the flaws are generally from little feedback than sound. While indeed, a blind person has no visual sense, they still have other senses working with them, specifically tactile. So, there is a great disadvantage to just using sound. Either way, I guess my point is that it's too difficult. I want to enjoy it, but I cannot learn from my mistakes when the only feedback are sound, which gives little to nothing than timing that is near impossible without trial and error, and button mashing (which I did on the first level) Perhaps have an easy mode where you get a kind of sonar effect, because people won't be able to enjoy themselves as much unless they have a sadistic streak. Overall, it's good, just too damn difficult.

Evil-Dog responds:

Sure is hard but I can go and tickle you while you play if that helps

Really innovative game- but it seems that, ever since the patch to fix level 3, level 2 has become unbeatable. Whenever I "succesfully" hit the knight, he reacts as though I had blocked. Perhaps I'm not understanding what I did to beat it the first time?

Needed to win: good headphones + close your eyes.
extra points for cool concept

Hmmm. I'm starting to get the hang of something at least. The turning isn't old school 45 or 90 degree turns. Its more dynamic and responds to a very fine degree. Good way to practice that is to turn while the guy is talking (holding the turn key). I also noticed *so far* that parry does nothing and attack is the way to go. -1 star for over the top learning curve, But still pretty enjoyable

Evil-Dog responds:

You're not gonna get far if you think parry does nothing.

Can't quite seem to figure out the timing for attacks, but otherwise a nice game.