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Reviews for "The Blind Swordsman"

This is a really good game for an april fools day prank

"Not sure what I'd have to explain, you can attack, you can block, you can turn, what else do you need?"

Seriously, responses to the trickiest enigmas always appear obvious and evident when you come to or already know the answer. But on the other side of the river, it’s another affair. That’s a major game design point.

I managed to beat the first guy easy as fuck 'cause, as you said, it was simply a matter of turn-attack so I don’t really know why some others were having a hard time with that part.
However, I didn't get how to beat the second guy and spent two hours trying until i saw MasherStyle’s tut’.
I wasted two hours of my life because, all that time, i was thinking that:
1-The problem was "timing/angle"
2-Just like the first guy, i could attack without having to parry. ‘Cause this is what the first level taught me.
This is highly deceiving.
The first level deceives the player 'cause there is no logical reason for me to think that i necessarily needed to block the second guy (and the “I took defensive stance” hint in the cutscene just doesn’t make it).

So i lost two hours thinking that my timing or angle weren't good and so i didn't even have the time to think like 'hey, maybe timing is not the problem, maybe it's a pattern i didn't get'. You should have make sure that people won't stupidly lose time thinking that they eternally couldn’t beat cause of a timing problem, which would have freed time and brain to actually focus on a solution for the real problem.

And may i point out the fact that some people could even be more confused than i was (and by looking at the moment, it was certainly the case)? My problem was that i was focusing exclusively on the "timing/angle" matter. But in a fight there is a ton of other parameters that instantly jumps at your eyes in a visual game. As this game relies on sound only it should have been a major task for you to make sure that the given information are as exhaustive as possible, and if not, that there is some information that the player shouldn't worry about or care of (and make him realize that). Because if the player is unsure about what information is important or not, he will lose time trying to figure out what is really happening that he can’t see. Is this game realistic or arcade? This little question can let a player loose hours with out-of-matter and unnecessary questions and problems. Just take a look at all the “when”, “how” you can see in the comments.

This game is about problem/solution. But if you don't know the problem, or you are imagining nonexistent ones, how are you supposed to find the right answer?

Another deceiving part is that, even if i can tell that i'm facing my opponent or not, there is simply no clear indication about the distance between me and him. This is another reason why i lost 2 hours on the second guy.
Because it didn't come to my mind that, after blocking, i could reach him with my sword. In my mind, as i had no visuals to rely on, i was depicting him, all the time, as being away (like...1.5 meters away). Yes, it's my fault, i should have known that as the goal is to kill him, then he must be reachable at a moment or another but as i started the level by attacking blindly and hitting the void, and that i never had an indication of him getting closer to me, and that his weapon is more of a mid-range type (attacking from a certain distance) my brain never suggested me to counterattack right after his own charge.
Deceiving, deceiving, deceiving!
And i'm certain that i'm not the only one who didn't think of an instant counter-attack.

Maybe I’m too stupid, but it's your 'duty' to take that factor into account when making a game for other people to enjoy it, even the dumbest ones.

You know, if there were a level before the second one, clearly suggesting that sometimes you NEED to block and that the opponent is reachable at a particular moment but vulnerable only at another particular moment, then i certainly would be able to think, when it will come to him, of counter-attacking the fail-guy.
And there are many, many ways to simply suggest things, and lead to the right answer without "spoon-feeding" it.
A good game is not only about good programming, it's also about game-design.

Overall, this was still near to be a true masterpiece. Excellent graphics, mind-blowing voice-acting, great idea, Thanks to the 7 of you! Kudos.

minigame this art SickDeathFiend your silly.?

Very nice! Even if it was meant to be a prank. I found a bug where if you click on the highscores then you can play survival. But overall very nice ,but hard

Evil-Dog responds:

ooohooooooooooooooooooooh! Sneaky monkey!

I did quite well on nearly all of the battles including the knight, but I just don't get that sorcerer.

To me it seems like the fireball sound in the moment right before it hits you is at a different soundlevel depending on the position in which the sorcerer fires it, when of course it should be the same.
When he's right in front of you the fireball sound is at max the whole time, while it's half as loud before you die when he's farthest. This would only make sense if you intended it to lose power over the time it flies which I assume you didnt.

Plus there should be a better way to analyze your death cause. If in the above case I can't be sure where the fireball is, I can at least remember the different soundlevel of the close fireball for the different distances right? The problem is, that there is always the chance, that I just didn't stand in the right angle to the enemy, resulting in even more confusion as I try to adapt my strategy.
It would help if there would be an indicator where something hits you so you know whether it came from the side or from the front. He does feel pain, I guess.

It does not help either, that the sorcerer speaks his lines in different volume levels so it's even more unclear where he stands, which I can accept as a circumstance that makes it more difficult but is not unfair.

Of course it could also be that my ears suck. In that case forget what I just wrote.

One last thing though: it was never made clear, if it makes a difference whether you press the blocking key longer or not.