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Reviews for "The Blind Swordsman"

Although it's an April fools joke, the idea behind this game is actually pretty cool. I really hope you make a real version of this game; it's very unique. It's the kind of game you always wanted to play but never knew you wanted to.

yeah, he blind, what do you expect....

(i'm not fluent in english so forgive the poor grammar)
Omurah's second account here.
uh, Evil-Dog actually i had just rage-quit the game before my first review so i was kinda frustrated at that moment.
So don't get me wrong, this is a great game. At least a great idea, which would deserve 5 stars imho. And the fact that you wanted players to figure out by themselves what to do is a great thing too.
simply, next time, please give the bird a little push and you'll see that he will be able to fly by himself ;)

For now,4.5 stars,cause this game is so hard,even with headphones.
i was at the first,tried tons of times with my headphones,but then i were lucky,turning in right direction,blocking and killing,WITHOUT MY HEADPHONES!
But the secend one is brutal hard
PLUS:The Idea,being blind and the only way to play with hearing...good idea
MEDIUM~~~:It is Copperative with the directions on the headphones,but it dosnt help most of the times
Also,having a ability to turn on a easy mode?(like that you can atleast see a tiny white point in the direction where the enemy is.
Minus:You have to got a really good timing,ill tell you a story:i turned on my headphones low,hearing pretty good where it comes,then i fighted agenst the flail guy,i turn in the right direction,he comes at me,i press block at the moment before he hits me,dead
Cant there be like 3 lifes? or 2?
Cause always insta-dying is so dumb

So,if the timing gets easier and like 2-3 lives,i would give 5 stars

Protip. Make sure your earphones are in the right ears. It took me 20 deaths to learn this.