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Reviews for "The Blind Swordsman"

Wow, that was really something. At first I'd die again and again and again on the first level. I knew precisely that I had to keep track of his location where both speakers played at the same loudness but I could always block the first attack and he'd get me every fricken time on the second. Then I turned up the volume to "8" (which is fairly loud) and I paid more focus to the game. I found that I was best locking on to his sound when he was running to attack. Doing so, I managed to block once, twice, blocked again, and again, and again. I ended up blocking at least eight times consecutively! The next time he ran up to me, I swung my sword instead and ended the fight.

This is something truly unique for sure. Bravo, dude.

I haven't completed the game yet or even attempted the second fight but I'm just so amazed that I managed to beat the first guy after so much failure.

But I have to take off half a point because of what other people are saying.

The game is challenging but it's still fair. The graphical desing was good, voice acting was awesome and controls felt responsive. (Thou the last boss was pretty much random and lucky timing. At least that is how it felt.)

In the game you need to sense the location of your enemy/enemies using your sense of hearing. You also have to time your attacks and blocks correctly while facing the right direction to defeat the opponent. Due to these factors, using good headphones help you a lot.

It took me awhile to get hang of the game but after long period of trial and error I managed to beat the whole game. What I've learned is that enemies can use at least three different attacks (making short sound before attacking/ long sound before attacking/ long sound and attacking near the end of the sound).

For those stuck on the last stage: I managed to kill the warlock soon when he was teleporting around the room.

I love this, I've always wanted to see how someone could make a game where the player is literally blind and this is an excellent example . The last boss is a little too tough for me but what good last boss isn't. Well done gentlemen, you should be proud of yourselves.

Amazing game, loved every aspect of it. I managed to get the hang of the controls worked after 6-10 deaths in the beginning. The biggest challenge I had other than the warlock was the fifth encounter with the archers. The arrows were easy but I had trouble when they charged me. I didn't realize until a couple of deaths that you could attack right after you blocked.

The only thing I feel needs to be added is what I did wrong (swung to early, deviated x degrees to many) other than that I loved it.

AMAZING GAME!!!! how did you ever think of such gameplay?! It's simple yet complex at the same time, i love it!!! plus the art design, the setting, and the voice acting make it soooo much better. although the story is a bit short and i wish there was more to the veriety of enemies, this is still my favorite games on newground, hands down! great job!

Evil-Dog responds:

Started as a joke :)