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Reviews for "The Blind Swordsman"

hehe really nice game. I liked the idea and enjoyed a lot the gameplay

Would like some more hints to help me learn the game faster, but its part of the fun. Loved how it challenges you and actually has decent dialogue and plot. Well done for trying something new.

Hey ED, i think there might be something wrong with the new version, tips are cool and all but, the parry part feels broken now. I can't get past the horseman because i can't block his attacks after the first blow. No matter when i press i always get slaughtered. Might want to check that.

How many fucking soldiers are there in the god damm Army part? ffs keep it balanced

at first i was like this i a prank game its impossible to get through and while randomly doing it while closing my eyes(without headphone) i kill the first guy .at first i was like wait this like has a timer to it and was wrong .The is heavely dependent on headphone if you want to get to the ninja girl but it open a new way to play games (rare occurence) game - hard but good graphics- dark and your all gonna die feeling gameplay - 3 hours and still feeling story- kill them allll end- good game kills time and is a challenge would 100 percent want a