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Reviews for "The Blind Swordsman"

Not too hard once you figure out the combo to open your third eye. Without that though it's impossible.

wtf how do i block agaisnt level two man

I enjoyed this game.
It was difficult in the beginning, since it gave no explanation of how the direction system worked, but after a LOT of trial and error, I started to get the hang of it and understand how well the sound-to-direction system worked. Each enemy has a well thought out attack time and opening window.
Good game, 5/5

:l well at least for once someone thinks of someting new for a game, nice job with the *blindness* part works out great :D

I remember this game when it first came out. 2 years have passed since then. I have played countless games. I beat FTL, did the Gauntlet in Yakuza 4, finished EDF 4.1 in the hardest option.All proud moments in my gaming life. Many more as well. Yet none of those achievements compared even at the slightest, to the moment I killed the first encounter. The sense of beating something that I couldn't even see. You, my friend, have created a masterpiece of a game. I commend you.