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Reviews for "The Blind Swordsman"


This is amazingly challenging but not impossible... best used with earbuds I find. It is a breakthrough in how games can be made! Revolutionary in every sense...

Taking something that is usually so strongly based in visual aspects (video game) and instead testing your other senses!

You are seriously genius for inventing a new genre of video game!

Massive Props to you!

I have just watch the intro,... i need the song pls. its gorgeous. any link for it pls?

Evil-Dog responds:

No I bought it on stockmusic.com

Did you write the tutorial in braille? If you didn't, you're kinda being an ass.

I like the concept. It's completely new and original, as to what I've seen. It's definitely a challenge and has a steep learning curve, but that's somewhat the beauty of it. Hell, even the sound of the first swordsman's grunt when I finally stabbed him was absolutely satisfying.

Closing your eyes and playing with headphones is the way to go.