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Reviews for "The Blind Swordsman"

Hint to boss fight(try to attack durning his rapid teleports, he might apear infront of you and you can get a lucky hit on him). Awesome game, with rewarding death sounds. Sequel in the not so near future maybe?

At first, thought this was an April Fools game (like Segway of the Dead from last year), as it got a banner front page if I remember correctly, but it actually isn't. This is a legit game, and indeed a very creative concept, as you have to listen to time the attack/blocks. I've played both with and without a headphone, and it does indeed make a difference. Sadly, those without headphones won't be able to fully enjoy it to the fullest in my opinion.

Tip: In Story mode, your only playing on a 180 degree playing field, not 360 degree. That means you can only left and right so far before you can't go no further in that direction.

Concept was already used on another newgrounds game called apocalypse survive it. Don't say it's original.

I realy like the concept of hearing being my only "seeing", very well done game.

Evil-Dog responds:


Its a really innovative concept, and yall pulled it off perfectly! Also, GREAT voice acting and animating! (even though the game is about seeing...) Perfect job!!!!!

Evil-Dog responds:

glad you love it man