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Reviews for "The Blind Swordsman"

THIS IS SO AWESOMEEEEEE!!!! but I have work to do... :/ gonna beat this later

This is a very good game, unique in its own right, a person definitely needs to up the volume with head phones on this one. It is very good, very well animated, and a pretty good storyline. It is beatable, you just need to be at the right angle, and know your opponents timing to do it. For example, the green knight guy, block twice, and then hit afterwords when your in front of him. I just have one question, what song is that at the start of the game? There also needs to be a guide for people that have issues with the game.

Got stuck on the archer level. The change in the timings from the first volley to the second keeps getting me, but I love the idea of this game. I'll try again another day but for now I'll just say, "Good Job!!"

This is a good game, I beat it 2 times on 180 difficultly and 360. You know what, I hate games where it's easy to win because what's the point, if I'm wasting my time, I want to waste it on something where I think a bit and do something other than pressing stupid buttons all day. I was really immersed in this game, because it forces you to.

This is an amazing game. At first I was really confused and I had no idea what to do. I just passed the second guy and I doubt I can finish the whole thing, but so far great job. Really interesting concept. The only problem is that the game just drops you into the midst of everything without really telling you how to play. Especially in a game where your screen is completely black except for a legend, and with a learning curve as steep as this one's is, you should really put in a tutorial. Despite that I'm still gonna rate 5 stars. Good job and I hope there's a sequel :D.