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Reviews for "The Blind Swordsman"

Turn off your speakers to get the ultimate Helen Keller fighting experience!

So gaddamn

This game is in a way, brilliant. Innovative and original, also shows how being blind would be very unfortunate and would suck a lot. The game is at first, punishingly difficult, like abnormally so. I'm pretty sure I died at the little squire in his tiny baby boots more than I should have. The controls take a little getting used to, as people aren't so acclimated to life without vision so. I like how some enemies have different ways to defeat them, I so far discovered one, but others say that some other enemies can be defeated in other ways. The art style isn't the best I've seen, but not the worst either, takes a bit of getting used to. Though the meat of the game is discovering the way to kill the opponent. The process of this is pretty much: Sheer and utter confusion; observation; experimentation; repetition; profit. So basically just doing random shit until something works while raging pretty hard when you die, which you will, a lot. Speaking of death, dying is like ball crushingly punishing, especially in some of the later levels where you are fighting multiple enemies and dying will reset your ass back at the beginning. The amount of times I flailed my limbs around in rage in my chair is quite high, as I would usually do very well, then I would fail at the last guy. The gameplay is very unique as in the player has no vision and has to rely on sound. This is pretty interesting and requires the player to REALLY be paying attention as well as having good estimates on where the enemy is positioned. Being in the middle of a long stretch of enemies and knowing that dying means restarting can get pretty intense. I've managed to reach the white knight and couldn't figure out how to beat him, and being the weak willed mortal I am, I just stopped right there and then. The enemies aren't that difficult once you get used to the game, just the risk of accidentally being "slightly" too far is dangerous.

So I will share my knowledge as well:

Young Shitty Squire Boy: Either block his attack then counterattack, or just slice at his collarbone when he runs up to you

Flailing Beefcake: Block two of his attacks and counterattack, any less and you'll be dragged into a mud slinging match and he'll just keep attacking.

Dagger Bitch: I don't know what was so difficult about her for some people, I just used the same formula as Young Shitty Squire Boy, block her absurdly quick attack and then quickly bisect her body. Failing to do so will either mean your death or if you block fast enough, restarting the attack phase. She doesn't always dodge to the left or right, so be on your wits.

Dogs that see you as a chewtoy: Wait for their growls to near you, be sure to pay attention since you'll be hearing all three of them. When they start approaching, they'll stop for like a brief second, then lunge at you. At this moment, slicey dicey and you should have put one down. Repeat for all the remaining wolves and you win.

The Most Inefficient Archers in the world: These guys are the ones that give you the least amount of information as to where their attacks are coming from. There are four of them, and they all shoot two arrows each even though they clearly have more arrows, which is really bad archery but okay. Their arrows are pretty much guaranteed to be coming from either 90 degrees left or right of you, never forwards or behind. Try to guess how much 90 degrees is and block the shot. Repeat this until all the archers of shot two times, so basic maths, 8 shots in total. At this point they will Power Rangers style one by one attack you with daggers. Use the same block and counter method as the Young Shitty Squire and the Dagger Bitch. Kill all four and VICTORY.

The next few levels are pretty much gauntlet runs of the enemies thus far, this being the remaining sisters of the Dagger Bitch, a group of 12 randomly selected enemies except the Dagger Bitch, the Wasteful Archers are there but they only try to clumsily shank you so just block and slice and that should win most of the battles. Just beware of the flaily beefcakes as they need have their attacks blocked twice before dying. And OH BOY WILL YOU LOVE THE LEVEL BEFORE THE WHITE KNIGHT. Basically you're fighting a literal army so you just have to trudge through enemy after enemy until you slaughtered them all.

White Knight on his Amazing Horse: Pray (I haven't figured out yet)
I managed to block his attacks and sometimes he just takes off right after and sometimes he starts to circle you and attacking at the same time, forcing you to pivot around blocking and attacking. At this point you just exchange blows, and he sometimes goes left or right, I haven't really figured out how to tell which he will go so sometimes I just turn completely the wrong way leaving my back exposed. I've tried to just straight counterattack his initial charge but every time I've died, do what you will with this information.

Oh yeah, btw awesome fucking game.

I love this game, it actually requires practice and skill. You should go old-school NES style and make the player restart from level 1 with each death.

Great game but come on the warlock doesn't get close at all. Sure there's that split second where he does the teleport spam but turning to him and slashing at the precise time is next to impossible. I'm not saying make him stay longer there I'm just saying make him do some thing more that puts him into the range make him boast in your face or something he's out of range and shooting fire balls every second teleport. It's just frustrating that he is always out of reach. Still 5 stars.

Evil-Dog responds:

his teleport pattern is always the same so you can predict where his 4th teleport is gonna be

I played this years ago, and i hated it, now, im playing it again and i love it, i can't pass the girl with knifes, but i will try more times, i defeat the first 2 enemies, and was like "OH MY GOD" like, something really hard, but possible, is really funny.
Great game 10/10 Is a bit hard sometimes (and i can't imagine how much hard are the next levels) but with practice you can get it! ;3

SickDeathFiend responds:

Rock on man! you can do it!