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Reviews for "The Blind Swordsman"

DUDE!!! UUGGGHHH! I seriously am struggling to figure out how this game even works! I see other reviews and hahaha, its April fools day, but I don't get how people are actually beating the tutorial level! I am frustrated to my wits end. Some one please help me understand because this seems like a really awesome game. *sigh* I need to play easier games...

Evil-Dog responds:

lol...come on you can do it!

its the same kind of april's fool game they made the last year, where you couldn't play after the first level, in this one you won't even start the first level

way too hard

First level only black, i can press buttons but can't see a sh!t. Fix it

There should be some kind of tutorial for this, its confusing and frustrating.

Evil-Dog responds:

Gotta use your brain and ears