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Reviews for "The Blind Swordsman"

DUDE!!! UUGGGHHH! I seriously am struggling to figure out how this game even works! I see other reviews and hahaha, its April fools day, but I don't get how people are actually beating the tutorial level! I am frustrated to my wits end. Some one please help me understand because this seems like a really awesome game. *sigh* I need to play easier games...

Evil-Dog responds:

lol...come on you can do it!

First level only black, i can press buttons but can't see a sh!t. Fix it

Unique concept, poor gameplay

Evil-Dog responds:

Unique review, poor judgement.

When i play, i can't see the fights.
its a black screen with only commands on bottom and "Abort" on top... its annoying, any help?

Evil-Dog responds:


it could have been so much but the blind gimick ruins it for me there is no clear directions