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Reviews for "The Blind Swordsman"

Awesome game. pretty easy once you get a hang of it getting 20 guys became easy.
1st guy swordsman attack when he is about to attack
2nd mace block 2 then attack immediately
3rd female block 3x then attack immediately
4th wolves listen and attack pretty easy
5th archers easy listen block wait til they draw swords kill
6th dozen soilders pff uper easy
7th 3 sister very har listen carefully and you can do it
8th army lots of FUn w00t! my highscore 45
9th horse guy super har. block and attack untill he dies
10th Wizard i just swung my sword and won

very nice marco and thex for it not being an april foos prank like last time xD

Amazing game...very challenging but very unique and fun concept. Would love to see more.

PS, to everyone complaining about the black screen....YOU'RE BLIND! That's the game! It's not bugged....Use your ears!

Man! This game is hard as poopers, but it's so well made and fun, I love it!

I remember playing this game back when it came out on 2014. Played it again still difficult to know when it is the right time to parry and kill each and everyone of them. Though I am getting used to it now.