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Reviews for "The Blind Swordsman"

Soooo many people in the comment section are nitwits. Just because a game doesn't cater to you doesn't mean it's a bad game in any way. If anything, it teaches you how to adapt and use senses you still have to your advantage. This is actually a really good game.

Just to play around, I did what this one guy named GroggyLobster said and turned off my speakers for the "Ultimate Helen Keller Experience." XD

I actually won the first level. O.O

I was just spamming the buttons and flailing around like any person would if both their sense of hearing and sight were disabled. (No offense to blind and deaf people. I have full respect for you)

Anyways, this game isn't all too bad. It's actually kind of addicting and can test your sense of hearing. If you go to far to the right, his voice pans to left and vice-versa. You have to listen closely. Although I'm still not sure if this is an April Fool's Day joke or not, It's still pretty good. Nice job guys! :D

Man this game is awesome! you feel like a samurai masta!

This game is a piece of shit. It's literally impossible.

Evil-Dog responds:

Impossible for retards

In the start predicting and positioning yourself towards your enemy's movement is torture especially since the differences in sound in either direction is very dependent on your headphone quality. However, once you do get the right pattern to kill the bastard, you feel a great sense of accomplishment with the win which is only found in games like this with such difficulty. It's a great game with a very unique game play.