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Reviews for "The Blind Swordsman"

That's some really cool stuff. Interesting concept, excellent voice acting, challenging gameplay. Took off 0.5 stars because butthurted cause of difficulty. Also, who voiced the Flail Man?

Great game, five stars solely for concept!
I like how it's not dragging you through tutorials and lets you to figure it out by yourself, which isn't that hard since gameplay mechanics pretty reasonable and seen in many other games, only different in way you percieve clues from the game. But it changes alot how the game feels and brings in tremendous amount of atmosphere.
Many people complained it's too hard, I don't think so. I had a lot of troubles with first two levels, but after you grasp timing it's pretty fluent. First tries are frustrating, but I'm not sure if you can change it without crippling game ideas.. If it's your thing, you'll get over it. If it's not.. Well, it's not. In fact, I'd say some of the later levels are much easier than they should be. Particularly one with dagger sisters and final level. Sisters often die too easily, maybe they could have longer attack patterns? Or other sisters could create some distraction? And for final level.. Well, I didn't figure exactly how to solve it, so I just spin and swing my sword when I have time for it, and it seem to work pretty good )
Another strange thing was with archer level. After first round when they get closer (but still not in the melee) when I swing my sword I am immediately attacked in melee, which I think shouldn't happen. Also in army level sometimes I got pauses in attack sequenses, when I hear attacking sound but there is no actual attack (enemy attacks, I parry and counterattack immidiately, he evades, than I hear attacking sound with no attack, then enemy attacks again normally), but it seem to be fixed with update.
I'd like to mention great sound quality in this game, it's absolutely must have since sound is your main source of information, and you did it just right. All voice acting were top notch, first level, wolf pack and dagger sister levels were especially atmospheric for me, and all pre-battle monologues are really good too. Sapphire is amazing <3 All other voice actors too )
Art is pretty good too, but it looks repetitive with all enemy bodies drawn same etc. Looks like your hurry to finish it before 1st april had some impact, but it's not too bad either.
Overall, it's really good game with unique concept, hope one day we'll see development of this ideas with movement at so on. Excellent work, I can't rate it lower than 5

this is worse than flappy bird 0/5

Really good concept, taking sound-whoring to a new level..

Good game, but I couldnt get used to the timing. I could manage to parry a few times but never got an attack off. great concept game though! to the guy below me, parry (down/W) is block dumbass.