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Reviews for "Gassy Rick Astley"

how long I must playing this game woulnd beat this game

They had to make it so he had a quiff. lol :P

Honestly this is the definitive flappy bird clone. I applaud your efforts in making a great april fools game!

Never gonna give you up! :D

I don't really like toilet humour and Flappy Bird clones, but for some strange reason I like this game. It's silly, but addictive and funny. :)

How do i get the "That's me" award? :\

GeoKureli responds:

After you lose, and give up, the credits play. After the credits, the highscore board shows everyone who's ever played. When your name pops up you get the achievement. The lower your score, the more you have to wait. PM me if you have trouble.