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Reviews for "Gassy Rick Astley"

There is a way to complete the game. You know these moments when you just sleep with open eyes still doing something or turn off your brain and just continue doing what you were doing? This is the key to success.

GeoKureli responds:

Turn off your mind, become the fart.

i saw my name when i scored 2.
My Score went up from 2. it will go up again when i can go even far then 11 and when i play this flappy bird clone game
this is a great one
Keep it up

one word to describe this ROFL LMAO ! really awesome remake of the rick roll tune and farty bird come rick asltley parody of flap bird XD (flappy astly) 5/5 pure fart jokes all round and also a stinker of a game ha ha XD

They had to make it so he had a quiff. lol :P

How do i get the "That's me" award? :\

GeoKureli responds:

After you lose, and give up, the credits play. After the credits, the highscore board shows everyone who's ever played. When your name pops up you get the achievement. The lower your score, the more you have to wait. PM me if you have trouble.