Reviews for "Cyber Zelda Ep1"

im sorry dude but u totally ripped off far cry blood dragon i had to stop after i heard the FC blood dragon theme song but ill still give u half a star for effort though i probably shouldnt but i'll be generous and u the benefit of the doubt

Graphically, it wasn't bad, but your programming is really whacked. It shouldn't be this laggy. Second of all, Don't use a licensed game like zelda. The only thing that can happen (if your game gets better) is that Nintendo shuts you down for using their character. It would have been a lot better if it was your own character with an interesting story line and not some weird cyberpunk fan-fiction of zelda.

Good luck on your next attempt.

The game lag so badly D:

laggiest piece of shit game ever

Spikerman87 responds:

Hey sorry to hear it's lagging. I would suggest to refresh the browser page and select a stage.