Reviews for "Cyber Zelda Ep1"

If it wasn't for all the lag in the game this would be great. At the final fight with the boss I had a lot of lag experience while fighting against her. Controls for combo attacks was a good concept, wish I could actually see how well they were if the lagging didn't prevent it. Do try to update it again and make sure the next episode doesn't lag so much this game has some potential.

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koool game ,but pretty slow

Um... Anyone else find the Hadouken? At any rate, I'm always a fan of horizontal beat 'em ups and Zelda, but as for quality and the fact that I fell through the stage and had to fight a boss off screen, I'll give it a 3/5. Typically I'd suggest have the entire move commit to the button press, as for a while I wasn't aware that slashing/shooting wasn't working unless I held the key until mid-animation. Also, the special bar seems bugged, as sometimes after using a special, the bar remains full, and when try to use another special, Link looked fatigued and the bar starts charging from 0. Also, you may want to nerf the hadouken.

Lag, lag, lag plus I didnt really like how link fights