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Reviews for "food chain"

I rarely ever come back to Newgrounds, But when I do, I always come back to this game to give it another go. My best score is 20 as of yet, Only been playing for a good 4 1/2 years. It doesn't sound like much, But no one I know of can beat me Haha. I'd be happy to have this on Android as it sits, if I could control it properly.

It's unlikely that you'd see this, but thanks for the years of entertainment through this simple game. Even if it's entirely unrelated, Would love to see what you're up to now.
Thanks again,
-Mike (Edited: 7/11/2018)

This game is actually pretty good. It seemed at first too hard as you I did not know the big fish could be taken up, but it is fairly entertaining. It original according to anything I have seen. Good job!

absolutely retardedly addictive. graphics are nice, i like the minimal style. the flashing of the big fish is a little disconcerting, and they do get rather nightmarish to avoid when the screen gets somewhat cluttered.

if i could suggest any improvement, it would probably be a larger playing area, perhaps you could implement some kind of scroll or zoom?

definitely worth playing though. you might even say that i was... *hooked*?

(i'd prefer if you didn't say that, though.)

A really fun game, didn't know you were invisible in the seaweed for a couple plays. Very difficult, couldn't get higher than 6.

This game should have more content, like when you eat fish you grow bigger or upgrades maybe. Anyway charming game