Reviews for "Epic Boss Fighter"

I can't play... when pressing "play" the game shows a blank screen and the music loops in the background.

Quite addictive! i love how the prices of the upgrades are fair priced. Its also great to have ally bots helping you and the chance to get an ultra suit once you saved up enough. Good game and a great time killer. The fast paced mood plus the speed of enemy bullets and minions charging at you, really keeps the tension every time. Great game and worth the time :D

Its really fun and addictive. It could use some achievements. The art is cool and cartoony but it could use a bit of a touch just to lighten up the moment. Otherwise its really awesome.

It was kind of lame at the begining, then it was addictive.

The game was very addicting! I've enjoyed the amount of upgrades and the amount of time that was put into this game. They were all challenging at first too!

Though it would be more fun if there were a lot more bosses.