Reviews for "Epic Boss Fighter"

An incredibly addictive and fun game, I also came up with names for all the bosses.

1. The Arachnid
2.The Tank
3.The Eye
4.The Cactus
5.The Psychic
6.The Destroyer
7.The Golem
8.The Mecha
9.The Cruiser
10. The Terror

EntertainmentForge responds:

Pretty good!
We first had names of bosses at lose screen but then we removed names and added pictures instead.

lol didnt die once

Jeez,it's wierd to come back to the real world after playing this game for hours. Anyway,it's really good stuff,awesome bosses you got. Except for the third boss,which was only an eye. That was kinda lame. It could've been just the head of a lizard monster coming out of the the ground,but an eye? Meh. Or,perhaps,have the monster come out of the ground completely during the final level,that'd be cool. I did like the mecha boss a lot. Overall it was really entertaining and appealing. Good job.

EntertainmentForge responds:

Thanks! Get ready for sequel! We don't have boss that comes out of the ground but we have one that comes out of lava!

15th run, Could've been a bit harder but it was fun nonetheless, Music is good, Art is good.

I feel the 7th and 5th bosses should change positions based on difficulty, The Golem has pretty much no hp and the Alien(?) attacks quite erratically.

Overall short fun game.

This is impossibly EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111
oh right in endless mode the bosses or harder than iussual