Reviews for "Epic Boss Fighter"

Great game, addictive, love upgrade games, ticks all the boxes for me.

Starts out slow, but gets fun and challenging pretty quick. Liked it very much :D

4 1/2 because there could be more customization items/options in my opinion :P
Like, being able to change the looks/color of your charakter or different kinds of drones, because you're getting a lot of money later on and I was disappointed, I couldn't buy more. Besides that, great game

this is the most amasing game ever i played and i end the game

its like im playing 1945 all over again! :D

Cool gameplay. Awesome artwork, as well. Took me 16 runs but I got it! I also didn't even pay attention to the robot suit or any allies until after I played through. For some reason I didn't see them. lol Well done! Great game!