Reviews for "Cavern"

Takes some thought, definitely. The spinner puzzles felt out of place, as the solutions were way obvious compared to the other ones. "Solving" the problems in the beginning didn't seem to have much point. And as intiagni123 pointed out, some tiles in #7 ended up crooked after being turned.

Hint to those who are stuck: think about what the dots, half-circles and circles could represent.

Special hint for #7: when you're doing a jigsaw puzzle, think about how you know which pieces go together.

not too hard except level 7. over all a good game but for me too short and I miss the music. liked the puzzles though.

I gave up on level 7 as well. I saw that you made some changes to it. are you sure you put the locked pieces in the right place? I found what seemed like the only solution that would fit the completely while piece in there, and I couldn't get one of the other tiles to fit no matter what I did.

Game as a whole is kinda interesting, but I won a number of levels without completely understanding why haha. I think the beginning part was a bit odd, too. I could see it turning some people away from the game.

TurkeyOnAStick responds:

Hey, yeah, my original plan with the the start was that the cave would be labyrinthine, and that the player would be both navigating a maze, chalking their passage while uncovering the hints to what lays at the end .... and THEN the game does a 180 and it becomes a puzzle game. That didn't happen, so we typically end up with some naff puzzles at the beginning.

Level 7 ... I think it mostly comes down to us hurriedly resolving problems post-submission, so we redid the puzzle (from spinning to swapping) and locked a few tiles to ensure there was only a single solution.

And yeah, I'm sure some people solved a few puzzles without knowing what's going on! I was hoping to avoid using text or a familiar number system, because I thought it'd be weird for an ancient/alien civilisation to talk in English (plus the game becomes multi-lingual!). But there comes a point when there's only so many tokens you have on the screen without it being a completely confusing mess that somebody has to code.

... this is probably a longer reply than you expected (or I intended), but what the hey. I'm really happy this has pulled lots of views, but also think there's some potential or ideas that's missing.

Great game, guys! You put a lot of effort into it.
I gave up on Level 3 the first time but came back for more after I had a little booze. I guess it does make you more focused. I searched the reviews for any hints to solving Level 7 but there weren't any useful ones. I did not understand how it could possibly make up a tessellation with reflectional symmetry until I got it right by fluke. It only took me 45 minutes.
Level 8 was the most fun of all, once I figured out what I had to do . And I laughed at whoever said that the level was non-intuitive.

Still I found the mechanics not very user-friendly. I was annoyed when I had to redo a puzzle when I clicked on it again by mistake after I had just finished it (while making a game, you always have to account for butter-fingered idiots like me). The dial puzzles felt out of place with the rest of them. And mainly, the game was quite short.

Thanks for spending the time to reply to the reviews (sarcastically in a lot of them) . I hope to see more such games from you soon. Keep up the good work!

TurkeyOnAStick responds:

I think I've been pretty genuine in my replies! :) Most I can accept, but some are just ridiculous and are more like they're trying to take out their frustrations on the game creator. Nobody needs that.

Anyway, I'm glad you figured out #8, the dials are a bit weak admittedly but give a slight graphical touch ... and I never realised you could click on the puzzle again after you completed it! We were trying to finalise a lot of stuff in order to reach the StencylJam deadline, so its a shame that stuff like that gets overlooked. Oh well. I hope people didn't have that problem on #7 ...

Thanks for the review!

This was a tough game. I couldn't finish level 7 without help. Despite the hint and the tessellation hints, I didn't see the pattern. However, that isn't what's stopping this from being a 5-star rating.

I would have liked a little more story. Let me know what we were doing in the cave, or what sort of god this was. Give me more depth. There was obvious room for it.

All in all it was an awesome way to exercise my brain, something that I haven't been doing enough of lately. Thanks!