Reviews for "Cavern"

Okay that game really screwed with my brain matter. Which was the point of the game, so great job on that. I was just sad because after all that effort I was expecting something a little more rewarding. But in general good job!

The game seemed very straight and simple at start, but it turned up to be quite a nice experience, the puzzles are challenging, but still fun.

By the way, I wonder why do so many people have problems with puzzle #7, I've done it under one minute, however puzzle 8 is the one I am completly stuck on :P.

i would've given this game a 4.5. but I scrolled through the reviews and it seems you belittle your audience if they don't share your opinion.

TurkeyOnAStick responds:

Thanks for the 4.5!
Even though you seem to have only gotten up to the first dial puzzle, so you've barely even touched the game!
I'm sure your opinion is as valuable as the other people I've belittled!

I really liked the puzzles in this game. However, there were some issues i just can not ignore. For example the lack of an option for going back - I had no way of looking at the drawings (which were very good) again or to look at clues in the chamber before. Also I had to repeat a puzzle when I accidentally clicked on it.
Also, I was able to solve some puzzles by accident with random clicking, I played it again to see how they work and was interested in your numerals, which I did not actually realize wer number orientated.

Guys i need help with level 7 please.