Reviews for "Cavern"

A game's difficulty shouldn't be derived from lack of instruction. I was interested initially with the story at the beginning (which I think could be expanded on its own), but once I got into the actual game, it was random clicking and guessing trying to figure out what the heck I was supposed to be doing. The random clicking stopped by puzzle 7 which I've been stuck on for an hour. Not only am I trying to understand the puzzle, I'm trying to understand the "hint" which has me even more confused than I was initially. That said, I really do enjoy the ambiance the game gives off

TurkeyOnAStick responds:

I'm sorry, but there is enough instruction for you to know how to do the puzzle. All the puzzles have enough graphical indicators to show you how it's meant to be done.

We're not going to spell it out for people. I'm not having an ancient/alien civilisation talk in English or use traditional numbers just because you don't stop to think about what's being shown to you.

So I hate to be another one of those people... but I'm stuck for reasons beyond anything I can help. I'm colorblind and am completely unable to see what those lines are doing in Puzzle 8. (7 was a breeze, incidentally) But if I can't see what my moves are doing... I can't very well finish the puzzle. Heck, I can't even start the thing until I know what logic on which number 8 operates. Perhaps revisit it with the same higher-contrast graphical touches as in previous puzzles.

So far: Quite nice, though the rotational things are a non-issue and could well be made into proper puzzles to fit the rest of the sequence. ...And I can't bloody see what's happening in number 8. :(

This is the hardest puzzle game I've ever played, congrats on making an amazingly challenging game that took me 3 hours to beat.

That was a fun game, I wouldn't say it was too difficult. If people are complaining a lot about the puzzle with the two example X's given, don't take it too much to heart. I did not read your hint in the description and I was able to solve it. This is a puzzle game, as such, it requires sitting and thinking, if your able to make the connection between


symbols and their mathematical equivalence, the tile matching game is not a huge stretch, if anything i thought that one was one of the easier puzzles, I will say I was not certain I was doing it correctly until I finished (mainly due to all the other puzzles having a light up effect whenever your produce a correct answer, which that game in particular lacked - but adding that feature to that puzzle would certainly make it too simple to solve - at least in my opinion). Great job, I hope to play more of your games in the future.

7 was tough. Your hint in the comments about tesselates made me think that it had to have some sort of symmetry. Once I realize it didn't need symmetry, it took me about 1 minute.

Really good game, and while going through the comments looking for hints for 7, I laughed at a lot of the retarded 0 star comments. There should be a way to appeal 0 stars, especially complaining about not being able to play, and then have medals.

Good game, hope to see another one like it!