Reviews for "Cavern"

its just that i cant beat the puzzles

I cant play it but I have seen it it looks great but I wish I could play

how do u do #7 help plzz

Very nice game! To be honest puzzle #7 is a bit more tricky. However, If you understand what to match and how to think, it flows easily. I loved the statue in the end, however, I'd like a sequel, as the stone carvings did not give much of a story.

A lovely puzzle game. Not too difficult at all, though it does take some thinking, which is definitely not a bad thing.

I loved how solving the puzzles naturally helps you learn what the numerals are, and how the game teaches you what you have to do without ever writing a word (the green lines for getting things right was a very good idea, and may have worked for puzzle seven instead of a hint?). By the eighth puzzle, I was referring to the symbols by their numbers without even having to think about it. Also, kudos on making the number of puzzles the same thing as that other symbol thing, don't know if that was intentional. (Pardon for awkward wording, attempting to avoid spoilers.)

Half a star off for the dial puzzles, which, although pretty, are also dull, as well as for not making the cavern interesting enough. I know that's a broad sort of statement, but for me it became a little too much of a click fest, contrasting sharply with the clever logic puzzles afterwards. Like a piece of beautifully-drawn soggy lettuce before the meat. Personally, I think it may have worked better if the small "puzzles" in the cavern were instead put between the real puzzles.

It's refreshing to see something this polished and original, particularly when you had to do it on a time limit, and it's almost refreshing to see you verbally slap people in the face, except that it irritates me to see your score go down because some people are easily frustrated. If I may ask, are you a solo snarker here, or is SirNightOwl silently mocking the crowd?

TurkeyOnAStick responds:

HI, thanks.

Sadly I'm a solo snarker! SNO will just tut and sigh, or being nice and marking the reviews as helpful. I think I'll let him have control of the review responses from now on, since it might help with keeping the scores up, too!